Calendar of Events

2015 SAC Meetings & Events:


94th Annual Judges Exhibition 2015, LA State Exhibit Museum, August 9 – September 11. Take in is August 6th. The reception is August 9th, 2-4pm. Minimum size is 16″ x 20″ (unframed).


2nd – SAC membership meeting; Marion Davis will present. Bring your painting supplies and Marion will provide photographs taken in New Mexico. We’ll start our paintings during the presentation, complete at home, and show them at our September meeting (no meeting July/August).

Also June 2nd, pick up artwork at BAC from the Spring has Sprung show.


5th – SAC membership meeting; Connie Cash will demo mixed media techniques.


Charles Tabor demonstrated oil painting.


1st – Pastel Society Reception at Magale Library, 4-5:30pm

3rd – Carola Nix will demonstrate color pencil

Carola_image  Carola_image2

5th – Schepis Museum reception, 5-7pm, exhibition includes SAC members Judy Horne, Bob Horne, and Linda Ward


7th – Charles Tabor demonstrates oils at the SAC meeting.

11th – SAC reception, 2-4pm, at East Bank Gallery, Bossier Arts Council, Bossier City, LA


5th – Connie Cash will demonstrate mixed media collage


2nd – Marion Davis will provide photos & everyone will work in their chosen medium/media


8th – TBA


6th – TBA


3rd – Judy Horne will demonstrate painting on glass


1st – Christmas Party & installation of officers for 2016

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